January 28, 2009

by Cielo at 11:37 pm
Since so many of you wanted it, here is Renai 1-04.

And now that we did what you wanted, we damn well better get a lot of comments or we'll press that red button at the corner of my desk. >=( And it's not one of them Staples 'easy' buttons, either.

January 26, 2009

by Cielo at 11:23 pm
Today's secret ingredient is:

Fuyu no Hana, another Sumomo oneshot!

And in the words of a famous chairman...


January 25, 2009

by Persimmons at 08:44 pm
Itazura Neko ni Goyoujin ch. 4 is out~ Yes, we know that another group already finished it, but we'd already started it by that point and we plan to finish since there are a few differences between theirs and ours. See our FAQ for more reasons on why we're perfectly happy to continue :D

Which reminds me, I know there are like 3000 of you leeches out there not commenting to make us feel loved. D: So! Comment anything you want~ Your thoughts about the series, which series you want us to get our sorry asses to work on, if you think Cielo or I would be on top... You know, the usual. We just like knowing it isn't a bunch of bots.

We love long-winded thank yous and rants. <3

January 21, 2009

by Cielo at 06:27 pm
To celebrate Persimmons' new scanner, we release Kimi wa Boku no Taiyou by our most favouritest Yumeka Sumomo =D

January 20, 2009

by Cielo at 05:27 pm
Soul Kiss 3 just dropped like a Kanye West album BAM BITCHES.

January 14, 2009

by Cielo at 04:19 pm
Happy New Year!

Yeah...it's been too long. Unfortunately there were families to deal with and other people to deal with and moving to deal with and just too much stuff. We'll be getting back to our more usual schedule from now on (hopefully).

And with that, Itazura 3 is the first release of 2009! Woo.

December 14, 2008

by Cielo at 09:24 pm
Torikon chapter 1 has been updated with version 2. Download to see the two missing pages from before (oops).

Thanks to mango for catching that one. =D

December 12, 2008

by Cielo at 10:38 am
Now that most of my finals are done and I'm waiting apprehensively for my last one, and Persi has moved breadth-wise across the country already, we should be getting something put out soon (at least, before Christmas. Maybe.) so bear with us. Thanks for the patience and support. We love you guys.

November 23, 2008

by Cielo at 11:42 pm
Renai Chuudoku 1-03 released.

Just as a note, releases will be less frequent due to finals until sometime in mid-December. We still appreciate the comments, though, and I'll try to get some more chapters in between cramming my brains out.

November 22, 2008

by Cielo at 06:28 pm
Boku no chapter 5 is out.

Thanks again to Helaine for working so hard with her busy moving schedule. Moving is such a bitch.

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