February 24, 2009

by Cielo at 09:18 pm
Renai 1-5 is finally done. I would have been done sooner but stupid life had stupid demands.

Ehehehehehehehehehe 69...comments...

Hadda be said.

February 22, 2009

by Cielo at 06:02 pm

And now I'm exhausted. WE GET IT. They're walking. TAP TAP TAP.

By the by, thanks for all the comments. But please do keep them coming. It wasn't a one-time thing when I said that we update faster the more you comment. And we know there are more than 25 of you out there. Believe me, we know.

February 17, 2009

by Persimmons at 09:14 pm
For Cielo's birthday, I made 'er edit Chapter 3 of Sute Neko no Ie by Inoue Nawo. I'm such a great friend.

Happy Birthday (a day late), Cielo! I love you lots, my dear unpaid labor. ♥

February 13, 2009

by Persimmons at 10:04 pm
Woohoo, 5 days. Seeing as to how we're both technically single aside from our secret love affair with one another, we thought something involving killing creepy old men would be appropriate for Valentine's Day...or Friday the 13th according to server time. Sute Neko no Ie - Chapter 2 by Inoue Nawo is out for your creepy killing pleasure.

Also, Cielo played web-jockey and added an RSS feed. Go ahead and click on Feed Me.

February 12, 2009

by Persimmons at 10:46 pm
Today we bring you wholesome, SFX-covered, pointless smut: chapter 6 of Boku no Goshujinsama by Ooki Bonta.

Also, Helaine is moving abroad and likely leaving us forever (T_T), so Cielo went ahead and edited this one. 4 straight days of releases for the win!

February 11, 2009

by Persimmons at 09:19 pm
Man I love it when Cielo's hyper-productive. It makes me hyper-productive. Pantsu de Ojama by Nekota Yonezou for all of you today. Enjoy the tighty whities! ;D

Aarinfantasy using Mediafire now? Come on guys, really, ads and slow speed over no ads and megaspeed? Seriously? Please just link back to the site to share our projects. We're so much prettier than spamming upload sites.

February 10, 2009

by Persimmons at 05:12 pm
Hurray for Cielo being super productive! Chapter 1 of Sute Neko no Ie is out, and we'll probably burn through this one fairly fast since 1) it's gorgeous 2) it's fast to translate 3) it's fairly fast to edit, so yay!

As a side note, please do not redistribute our projects. I'm looking at you, Mangafox and Nihonmaru users. D: If you want to share our projects, please just link back to the site. We'll be adding an online reader soon so there won't really be any reason for it considering we offer direct downloads without you needing to get spammed by ads on megaupload and the like...

February 9, 2009

by Cielo at 11:25 pm
Finally finished Itazura 5! Grawwwr.

At least now we have one more 'completed' project...

February 1, 2009

by Cielo at 10:19 pm
Happy Groundhog Day! =D

The groundhog popped out of the ground and saw...

Houkago no Himitsu! Hawt diggity-dawg!

January 30, 2009

by Cielo at 07:03 pm
Notice anything different? =D

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