March 25, 2009

by Persimmons at 03:23 pm
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan by Sahara Mizu - Chapter 1 today. Joint with Storm in Heaven. Woo capital punishment! Sahara Mizu is Yumeka Sumomo's seinen pen-name, so enjoy.

Thanks to Miki being awesomely observant, p. 30 is fixed. We, uh, had one of the layers in the wrong place. D: QC-fail 'r' Us.

March 24, 2009

by Persimmons at 03:38 pm
Cielo decided personal hygiene was more important than making sure I didn't break something, so uh, if the download link doesn't work or something...spam Cielo AT psychopandas DOT com. :D

Otherwise! Hoshi yo Oka yo Fuyu no Ao yo by Yumeka Sumomo chapter 1 of 2 is out~ It's a cute BL story, and one of Yumeka's waaaay earlier works. It's so old the Craft volumes it was published in are decomposing on my bookshelf. Download, enjoy, offer us bowls of soup...or comments. Delicious, nutritious, bacteria fighting comments. Huzzah for Cielo editing!

March 20, 2009

by Cielo at 03:45 pm
Sute Neko chapter 6 and 7 are out, and now that project is done.

Toldja the sex is hot.

And now to crash because we're both sick and both have huge headaches.

Comments have been fixed. That was my bad.
You guys should have emailed me or something. =(
Anyway, it's fixed now so comment to your heart's desire.

March 16, 2009

by Cielo at 09:58 pm
Soul Kiss 5 and a bag of chips. We really didn't like this chapter.

Iunno about you guys, but we think Yi and legal!Metatron would be hot.

Finally we finish our pilot project.

March 15, 2009

by Cielo at 11:39 pm
We're both tired and feeling like crap, and we didn't get our BJ's for Steak & BJ day, so... Whatever, have a Inoue oneshot.

Mimi ni something something title too long just go get it.

March 12, 2009

by Cielo at 06:34 pm
SK5 is really getting on my nerves, so here's a nice and short Sumomo oneshot again.

Yubikiri Hime. Creepy but cute.

Edit by Persi: Regrettably SK5 just has hugs and kisses and drops half the plot that wasn't explained earlier in this chapter. Sute Neko no Ie ch. 6 is where the smut is at!

March 9, 2009

by Persimmons at 07:45 pm
Soshite Watashi wa Kaeru ni Koisuru by Yumeka Sumomo is out. It's only a 4 page oneshot, but it's still cute. Nerdy pick-up lines motivate me to abuse Cielo into editing faster. Baby, you make my floppy disk turn into a hard drive. She is chugging along on Soul Kiss ch. 5, but that chapter has some nasty SFXs.

Cielo wants to know if you guys want an online reader...but you're getting one either way since I say so. If there are any specific features you want it to have just ask. This is mainly being done since people have been uploading our projects on sites like mangafox without permission.

March 6, 2009

by Cielo at 07:08 pm
I was going to take a break for a week but I started editing again only 3 days into my 'break'. Admittedly I worked slower than usual, but... Whatever. Anyway, Sute Neko 5 is done.

P.S. I lied.

P.P.S. I lied about the sex being in this chapter, not about my super-short break. And since I'm an asshole and like to torture you guys, the sex scene in the next chapter is so fucking hot I JIZZED IN MY PANTS.

February 27, 2009

by Cielo at 08:54 pm
Sute Neko 4 out, and thus ends the first story arc. Next comes the sex. =)

Edit by Persi: It's still the same two characters in the rest of the chapters, just Phil's grown up and it deals largely with Ed's insecurities about losing him...and the sex.

February 25, 2009

by Cielo at 11:42 pm
Smut for you in the form of "Sailor Fuku wo Nugainaide".

Moar comments = moar smut!


Edit by Persi: Whoops, thanks Muse. This is why we shouldn't QC late at 3am >_>; We'll fix that once Cielo gets home.

Edit-edit: She hath been fixed. Re-download to get the missing page.

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