April 23, 2012

by Persimmons at 10:06 pm
Hi guys! Sorry we're McSlackers. Life is busying, and we're growing older and decrepit.

You will notice numerous titles by Inoue Nawo (Kata Kutsushita no Otoko, Hatsukoi mo Naka, Amane no Uta, and Sute Neko no Ie) have vanished. This is because they've all been licensed! Hooray!

You can currently buy them all digitally on Amazon.com. $8 is a cheap price to pay compared to shipping fees from overseas, AND it's in a language you can read! Hooray!

Now to get Cielo to add a "licensed" category in our control panel so those titles don't fall off the face of the earth.
Anon said on Apr 24th 2012:
Welcome back! It's sad to see those titles go, but at least it'll be good for the mangaka. I look forward to your future releases (especially Yakusoku Siren). =)
domi said on Apr 25th 2012:
happy you are back! hope you stay:) good news or bad news? i liked them! lol
Epistasthai said on Apr 28th 2012:
ohhh, it's good to see them licensed! I love Renai Chuudoku, so hope you are still doing it!
chikao said on May 4th 2012:
It's good to see you kicking! I've been following you guys for almost two years now and have a lot of love for you two~ ♥
Shame to see those titles go but it's not like the whole site went down so I'm okay.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
cassiopae said on May 6th 2012:
YOU'RE NOT DEAD! (^_^) Aaaaah, so glad to see that. Decrepit away, as long as you don't die ;-)
Kiwi said on May 6th 2012:
It's good to hear from you guys!
Dae Hyun said on May 10th 2012:
horray.... its good to hear you come back... im waiting for your next releases.... especially renai chuudoku T.T i want to know what will happen in that forest... will shiori wins midori from arou??? T.T
Neko said on May 22nd 2012:
Thanks for the SANJUUICHIYA Manga, really really hope this one gets updated soon =]
Soku said on Jul 20th 2012:
Huuh When will we have some news from youuuu ?

° dying °
I need to know the end of " Yakusoku Siren " T__T

Be strong ! °big hug°
Lady D said on Sep 20th 2012:
Just wanted to drop by and give you guys some big praise!! I love your work, and keep hoping more of these get lisc soon!!

Thanks for the hard work and harder bodies :)

Viven said on Jan 29th 2013:
Hello, just wondering if you guys are still alive T_T Sorry to bother. I love the projects you guys have.
Anikka said on Feb 10th 2013:
❤ I miss you. ❤
This is one of my favourite scanlation groups and i love your works.
Nadelyn said on Apr 9th 2013:
i just found out about this place today, and wanted to say thank you for your hard work n.n/

congrats to the authors for those licenses. however, i wont however be buying them because of DMG history with scanlators.
if it was Sublime on the other hand~ <3
Rain said on May 20th 2013:
I just want to say that you guys are amazing and some of your mangas made my friends and I really happy, especially the Sahara Mizu ones. Thank you.
bolabulu said on Jul 9th 2013:
This is my first time here,I don`t really know where to make my comment.I just downloaded Houkago Guitar and Mimi ni Nokoru,they look good.Many thanks for the hard work ^ ^
J.J said on Jul 14th 2013:
i miss you guys and i miss Renai Chuudoku.
sradok said on Jul 28th 2013:
sorry for my uncalled Question,
but i want to Translate the Manga
"Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan"
in German. But i don't found Japanese Scan's. All Links i found are offline. Can you please send me some link to the files?
We will appreciate you Page on our Creditpage and Homepage. If you want that.
mee said on Aug 14th 2013:
are you guys alive?
;_; just wondering
Ei said on May 9th 2014:
So you guys are gone for good huh '^'
Lino said on Aug 1st 2014:
Hello, Can I use bit time of you guy to ask this?
I want to retranslate some one shot of Sumomo Testsuka sensei and want to take permission from you guy to retranslate it.
So please contact to me soon.
I really love all your work and feel enjoy them :'>
Have a good day!
(sorry for my poor English =< )
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