August 9, 2011

by Persimmons at 09:50 pm
Cielo said I had to make a post since I'm slacking on translating. It's partially because I'm lazy and enjoying my delicious free time while I get it and partially because I'm having technical difficulties. For anyone sick of stalking our site, we'll most likely have a release for my birthday/site anniversary on August 24th, so at the latest I'd check back then. Hopefully we'll have something done sooner, but Cielo's rocking finals so maybe not!

Soku said on Aug 10th 2011:

I Look forward to see what will be translated <33
Please Yakusoku Sireeeen Y___Y

° happy Happy °
Happy Kotty said on Aug 10th 2011:
I think, I will be stalking your site forever, because i really like the name of your site and this warm & cute layout, which kind of reminds me of janosch (a german comic for children) ... so soothing! ...and i´m really really really grateful for the awesome projects you´ve done before, so thank you so soooooooo much for it!!!
chikao said on Aug 10th 2011:
I enjoy stalking your site though. And I'm enjoying this 'we will update at XX time' kind of posts. You should do more so your fans don't freak out and think you're dead...I do sometimes, but only out of love! <3
Stay wonderful guys!
GiggLz said on Aug 10th 2011:
LOL @ 'I had to make a post' but real life tends to get in the way so no worries, ne? Plus we all like stalking sites, its a lovely surprise when there's a post ^_^

Happy Early Birthday Persimmons and Good Luck with finals Cielo!

kp said on Aug 10th 2011:
Looking forward to your b'day!! nice to see an update posted. Enjoy your free time!
angua said on Aug 11th 2011:
Thanks for the info ladies, looking forward to releases(s)! ^^
consterhk said on Aug 11th 2011:
I think your site is perfect the way it is. Good luck on those pesky exams. - You work and time is always appreciated, so all breaks are well deserved!
Xer said on Aug 11th 2011:
Hello. I´m anxious to see the gifts from both BD. Good luck in your exams Cielo. :)
Thank you for the info.
aicchi2603 said on Aug 11th 2011:
ah!! surely waiting for you return!! looking forward to it xD
Epistasthai said on Aug 11th 2011:
Happy Birthday! No worries about not posting - RL happens. Good luck on exams!
We'll see you when we see you!
hana said on Aug 11th 2011:
Hi! I'm glad everything is ok! Have a nice time!
Persimmons said on Aug 16th 2011:
Wonderful news! I just finished translating chapter 2 of Sanjuuichi Ya. I just need to scan it then send it over to Cielo!

Apparently I started translating it a year ago. Then never finished. When you see the creepy old man in this chapter, you'll understand why.
imedaz said on Aug 20th 2011:
Thanks for the update. Take your time with the releases because you all share your time and energy with us. Therefore the least we can do is be patient. *^_^*
J.J said on Aug 24th 2011:
today is the 24th so .......

Haha said on Aug 24th 2011:
It will be the 24th august in 5 minutes !

I look forwaaaaard °_°

Happy birthday to you Persimmons !
Otanjobi Omedetooo =Ð

° big hug for you °
chikao said on Aug 24th 2011:
JC80 said on Aug 25th 2011:
Happy Anni & many thanks for the release~
fullmetalguitar said on Oct 2nd 2011:
Just discovered this translation group.... and it kinda freaks me out that you go by Persimmons since that's the name of the literary magazine I run :X It's like my organization became a person and it likes BL manga too GAH
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