October 29, 2010

by Cielo at 04:41 pm
It's been way too long, hasn't it? Well, we're both still alive (hah!) but due to Persi being all responsible again and going to grad school, she's all responsible and going to class and reading and shit.

So things are going very slow, and I'm not sure when the next release will be, but hopefully before the new year. And hopefully in the new year we'll be a lot more active.

Thanks too all the new visitors and re-visitors alike. And an especially big thanks to all you stalkers who check back regularly in hopes that we will have something. I should draw something for you guys.

Larkspur said on Oct 29th 2010:
It's good to hear from you guys again.
Thanks again for everything!
chocofan said on Oct 29th 2010:
Please keep up!!!!XD I'm always looking forward to more from you guys!!!
Soku said on Oct 30th 2010:
Haa ! I hope you're okey with school =)

I check every day for a new chapter of Sumomo Yumeka ahah =D You're great, continue like this <3 Even if it's very slooow xD But isn't the turtle who win against the Rabbit in the story ? =D

Be strong <3
Sasa said on Oct 30th 2010:
Aieeeee, grad school and READING, I feel ya. Glad to hear you're both still kickin'! Good luck with juggling everything.
Loveless3173 said on Oct 30th 2010:
its so good to hear from you guys. I wish Persi the best of luck in school and you ass well cielo in whatever your doing. heh... i'll keep stalking you guys. xD
Alex said on Oct 31st 2010:
Thanks for the update! I check your site every once in a while for Yakusoku Siren and it's nice to hear that there might be a new release before the new year. Even if it's not the manga I follow, I'm looking forward to it :)
sansan said on Oct 31st 2010:
We'd love to see a drawing~ :'D
Good luck with school and all that. :> Don't work to hard guys.
vessto said on Oct 31st 2010:
Hi from a stalker! I'm happy you wrote this notice! It is not a release but at least we know everything is ok.:D
Ase said on Oct 31st 2010:
Haha =] Yeah being responsible sucks. Personally, I have wayyyyyyy too much work as well :(
Maku said on Nov 1st 2010:
Ahaha, I'm also one of those stalkers. ;D
Aoi0101 said on Nov 1st 2010:
thanks for all your hard work and keep up the good work! hope you'll be updated soon 'cause i'll be a good stalker XD!
tomopi said on Nov 1st 2010:
Thanks for the update. (:
Good to know you're doing well, hope school turns out okay too !
Konan said on Nov 2nd 2010:
From another stalker: Thanks for the notice. I appreciate it despite the fact there there wasn't an update. They say no news is good news but I enjoy knowing you guys aren't dead xD
Epistasthai said on Nov 2nd 2010:
Hey from a Lurker! Thanks for all your hard work bringing us delicious things to read. And I wish Persi all the best in grad school. (I'm there myself, and let me tell you it involves a TON of reading. Don't know how anyone manages to have a life. I'm so impressed!) Glad that all is well and thanks for keeping us lurkers updated!
morninggreen said on Nov 3rd 2010:
Glad to know you´re still alive and kicking ^_^

All the stalkers have real lives too, just follow your own pace and force us to worship you when the releases come~ <3
ampersand said on Nov 4th 2010:
Thanks for the status update. Glad to know you're still alive and kicking. Oooh, grad school is tough. Best of luck to Persi.
mikomilli said on Nov 4th 2010:
glad to know you guys didn't secretly die. good luck to Persi!
japan said on Nov 5th 2010:
yeah!!! draw for us XD !!!!
Alice said on Nov 7th 2010:
*gasp* THE LONG AWAITED UPDATE!! *sparkles* I can't wait!
Nan said on Nov 11th 2010:
Great that you guys are still at it ! Best of luck to you on .. everything, really. :D --best site ever. <:
mmzahra said on Nov 16th 2010:
I'm one of the stalker
great work guys i love
Renai Chuudoku XD
maya said on Nov 27th 2010:
Hey~ just found this and wanted to thank you for doing
Yakusoku Siren, it's wonderful.
You're wonderful.
mmh said on Nov 29th 2010:
Yay! I love your projects and your work. It's worth the wait!
forgot username said on Nov 30th 2010:
please draw something for the stalkers to repay us for coming back regularly to check on the group


*gets shot*

Glad you're alive
lou said on Dec 1st 2010:
Glad all is well, and you're just busy.
angua said on Dec 6th 2010:
Just check up on you :)
Hope everything is well :)
See you! (soon I hope)
ebi said on Dec 11th 2010:
still waiting ;)
Esfin said on Dec 17th 2010:
Sneaks sometimes :-)
Hoping everything will get better
Edel said on Dec 17th 2010:
I just wanted to say thank you! I love all the manga that you decided to take on! :D Especially the Sahara Mizu. I love her so much. ^^ Thank you for your hard work and merry Christmas in advance!
blue-chan said on Dec 29th 2010:
Hey, wanted to wish you guys Happy Holidays!
I'm checking the Updates page almost every day, still waiting for the blessed arrival of a new scanlation. Just a tiny chapter, to give us all some hope. A small chapter. A few pages. Even just one page. Or half a page. Or a stick man. Anything. XD
drowned said on Dec 29th 2010:
Wish you Happy Holidays and big thanks for all the awesome work you have done so far!
pir said on Dec 31st 2010:
i just found you, and oh, what a new year's gift -- you're doing odd stuff by some of my favourite mangaka, how cool is that?

thank you so much, and i wish you a wonderful 2011!
blue-chan said on Jan 21st 2011:
I don't want to get annoying but... are you guys alive? I'm not demanding a new release. Just give us all a sign that you're still breathing, please.

Hope you had a nice winter. (^____^)
Persimmons said on Jan 22nd 2011:
We're very much alive! I apologize for the complete lack of releases. That is completely and utterly my fault. Graduate school is bending me over a table and probing my no-no places. I had hoped to have a chapter out during winter break, but I had to help out with some family issues, so...that didn't happen. The next time I have less than 5 unique lesson plans + fewer than 5 chapters of reading in a single week + 0 papers due, I will get at least the next short chapter of Yakusoku Siren done. ...Or maybe I'll do that just to procrastinate, who knows!
persimmons AT psychopandas DOT
Soku said on Jan 23rd 2011:
Ohhh yeaaaah =D A new chapter of Yakusoku Siren <333

I'm looking forwaaaaard °____°

Huh and take care of you =) be strong for your graduate =o

° big french hug °
Chikao said on Feb 17th 2011:
Good luck with Tests-o-doom!
Hopefully all will be well, because lately I've been a tad worried about psychopandas since it's been silent as a graveyard lately. :[
Goodluck! <3
Persimmons said on Feb 22nd 2011:
Fear not! I finally got off my ass and scanned & translated ch. 3.5 of Yakusoku Siren, so as soon as Cielo edits that bad boy up we'll technically be alive again. Yay, technically! I'm going to try to get chapter 2 of Sanjuuichi Ya done this week too (I don't have interning this week <3) since I've been avoiding that for about a year now > >;
persimmons AT psychopandas DOT
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