June 11, 2010

by Cielo at 09:41 pm
Exciting news!

For this term's traditional procrastinating-for-midterms-with-a-huge-new-project, I set up a new star rating system for all the projects. So now you can rank them and all that fancy whatever. But if I see people abusing it, I will take it down. You've been warned.
Persimmons said on Jun 11th 2010:
And...how could someone abuse a rating system? You're pretty militant lately >_> Still angry no one emailed you about comments not working?
persimmons AT psychopandas DOT
Cielo said on Jun 11th 2010:
Am not.

I'm a dictator. =)
cielo AT psychopandas DOT com
vessto said on Jun 12th 2010:
Good idea! I rated Sanjuuichi Ya with the highest rank bc I love Homerun Ken.
mmh said on Jun 12th 2010:
Nice! I rated them all at 5 cause I love all of your projects. I have to say, you have very good taste!
blue-chan said on Jun 12th 2010:
Wonderful! I shall now go and drown all Yumeka Sumomo/Sahara Mizu projects in 5 stars ratings. Mwahahahaha.

Well, not now-now, I'm tired and lazy and the heat is killing me and making me psychotic. Not exactly in that order... But I gave "Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan" 5 stars just to get started. That was a beautiful manga and a great choice made by you guys.

But you always make good choices anyway... Oh, and I also gave "Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho " 5 stars even though it's still a future project, because I've been dying to read this ever since I can remember, and I'm sure it's amazing, because Makoto Shinkai's movie was amazing (well, all his productions are) and Sahara Mizu fits his stories perfecly and "Hoshi no Koe" was beautiful as a manga and... Ok, I'll stop writing now. (^.^)'

Sarah said on Jun 16th 2010:
Yay~ Already rated all of Yumeka Sumomo's/Sahara Mizu's works 5 stars. 8D
amoxi said on Jun 18th 2010:
I think I'm using a different name every time I do comment.....because I can't remember which I used last....

Whatever , Sanjuuichi Yaa got 5 stars from me as well, what else. I'm really, overly thankful you guys picked it up after it was abandoned by the last group. Can't wait to read more of it.
How in all hells can I abuse the rating system?......I wanna know hehe
thepieh0le said on Jun 19th 2010:
Hehe, good idea!
I rated for Renaii Chuudoku! I really love the series. Well, in fact I love all your series, but this one especially!! <3
Jen said on Jun 20th 2010:
Great! Now I can give all your prodjects high ratings, thanks C:
Kino said on Jun 20th 2010:
- This is sorta impromptu, but I just wanted to say thank you for making this site SO EASY to use. The system to read the manga on your site is so much better and faster than mangafox and those other slowass sites
Paula said on Jul 17th 2010:
Thank you for Renai Chuudoku, it's so original.
I hope this question doesn't bother you horribly: are the characters on your layout from a manga? They're lovely.
Thank you ^_^
Cielo said on Jul 21st 2010:
@Paula: FAQ can answer that. :)
cielo AT psychopandas.com
Chalka said on Aug 14th 2010:
I'm a new fan of yours!
Your site is so pretty!
I discovered Sumomo Yumeka a month and a half ago and i became addicted in a few days ^^
thank you so much for translating all those wonderful manga !!
thank you for your hard work !!
Nanjl said on Aug 15th 2010:
I ❤ you guys/girls like too much.
Thank you! Thank you!
Keep up with the great work! o(Ö//v//Ö)b
When I get better at drawing, I'll draw something as a thank you for you!! I promise!

Alice said on Aug 16th 2010:
New to this site, but I'm waiting with anticipation for the new releases!! I can't sit still anymore until I finish. xD
GinTonic said on Aug 2nd 2011:
Gosh .I'm a huge fan of Sumomo so def I will rate her work the highest =)

Anw , your site is beautiful.Simple yet elegant xD
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