June 3, 2010

by Cielo at 11:44 pm
So apparently something's wrong with the site that a 2-minute debugging has shown to be absolutely nothing. I'll be working on it tomorrow to get it all fixed (when I'm not sleepy as all hell), but for the most part it looks like it's going to have to be a site-wide backend update which I actually should have done long ago but got way too lazy to do. After busting my ass finishing the editing in 2 days, and go figure that we can't actually do the chapter release FML.

TL;DR Site's borked but I'm on it, slick. Release is ready but we're going to wait until the site is fixed. Until then, hang tight.

P.S. Comments are also broken. Thanks for no email about that, guys...

P.P.S. It's Yakusoku c3, in case you're wondering what the release is.
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