March 30, 2010

by Cielo at 04:05 pm
Not-a-release update.

Still not dead.
But Persi got a new job so now she's all busy being a responsible adult. >(

There should be a release soon. I think. Hang tight.
blue-chan said on Mar 31st 2010:
No matter. I've just seen that you wrote "Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho" as a future project. I'm so happy, I have teary eyes. I've been waiting for so long for this manga to pe scanlated, you have no idea. I absolutely adore both Sahara Mizu/Yumeka Sumomo and Makoto Shinkai. Thank you, thank you a million times!

I'm sure we'll all be around, waiting for any other release from you guys. (Or at least I will.) You make many manga readers happy, I hope you know that.

*big big big hug*
Soku said on Mar 31st 2010:
Ahah don't worry, we're waiting =D

Huh a job =o Good lucky for her ~ â¥
reimie said on Mar 31st 2010:
Don't worry . . .
I'm waiting :3
Good luck yo~
sansan said on Mar 31st 2010:
good to know you guys are alive. :'D

aw, being responsible is no fun, but good luck to persi. : )
a mutant said on Mar 31st 2010:
ahh makes us miss you so. Glad everyone is well.
morninggreen said on Apr 1st 2010:
Good luck on the new job~
mmh said on Apr 2nd 2010:
COngrats on the job! I need one of those... I'm just happy you're not dead! Cause you guys definitely take on my favorite projects!
MK said on Apr 3rd 2010:
Congrats to Persi with her new job! I wish her all the best and hope it's something she's enjoying!
Ami said on Apr 4th 2010:
Good for her =]. Here's to hoping that the next release is Yakusoku Siren xD
Bun-san said on Apr 4th 2010:
i will wait !
At Persimmons: *Fighting !*
Vale said on Apr 9th 2010:
I hope you guys are well :) The wait is worth it!
Soku said on Apr 29th 2010:

Are you die ? =O i need News from you <3
Take care, and be strong if it's the school which boring you XD

See you soon~
haru said on May 2nd 2010:
I just would like to say good luck , guys! I love your scançations, thank you so much!
ogami said on May 5th 2010:
Which email address, I can contact you? in the past I send one message. but I don´t get the answer. so I would like to contact you. please.
Cielo said on May 6th 2010:
@ogami: Send an email to me below.
cielo AT
PheiChi said on May 6th 2010:
Amy said on May 7th 2010:
Hi, i tried scanlating a manga series out of curiosity. I never realized how much work it was! you'd think all you have to do is some type-set, cleaning editing etc, but there's just so much work that goes into the process! Anyways, it's made me appreciate scanlators so much more =). <3
buki said on May 13th 2010:
even if there's no release, just glad you guys are alive and kicking! will wait patiently.
Persimmons said on May 17th 2010:
When Cielo posted this, she also failed to consider my job kept me away from home 12+ hours a day not including getting ready for it when she said "soon". I'll be resigning in 2 weeks though and preparing for grad school, so I'll have more time then! ...Until grad school. So! Next chapter of Yakusoku Siren should be released then.
Cielo said on May 18th 2010:
I never said exactly when, I just said 'soon'... Which could mean anytime.

Next time I'll say 'eventually'. >_>
cielo AT
tearsless said on May 24th 2010:
Think you for your work. Sumomo yumeka is a great mangaka. In France, the first volume of My Girl will publish in june, I hope this others work will emerge soon.
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