January 1, 2010

by Cielo at 12:53 am
So 2009 was our first full year of being active. We had our good months (Feb) and we had our not-so-good (Jan, Mar-Dec) but we made it through.

Our resolution: more releases (and more comments)!

And! As a little surprise gift, here's a little special something for you guys. Didn't know I drew too, didja?! Well, I do. Sometimes. When I feel like it. When Persimmons forces me.

Happy New Year! \(^-^)/
Soku said on Jan 1st 2010:
Oh my god, really beautiful °____° I love the way you draw Boys' Body [L] Really Great I love it =D I hope there'll be other like this =D

Take care and good year from France to you =D
Nini said on Jan 1st 2010:
Nini approves 8D *drools* !!!
AgentSanSan said on Jan 1st 2010:
kukuku~ Looks very nice~
fluffy hair. yum.

Happy new year to you guys! ^ ^
fUZZpantz said on Jan 1st 2010:
LOL picture is <3
I wanna see morez 8D
And happy new yearz to you guys!!
Kdm_ said on Jan 1st 2010:
Niiice bishies ^_^

Thank you for the yumeka-sama loveliness!!!
Congratulations for the full year!! :D
Persimmons said on Jan 2nd 2010:
If you really loved me they would both have glasses :( But I'll make due with the love I receive.
Cielo said on Jan 2nd 2010:
Hey, I gave him hair clips for you. It counts for two.
cielo AT psychopandas.com
morninggreen said on Jan 2nd 2010:
Happy New Year! :D Thanks for all the hard work during 2009.
goodyfun said on Jan 2nd 2010:
Happy New Year to all! :D

Is that drawn with pencil or ink? I can't tell.
mar said on Jan 2nd 2010:
That is one heel of an smexy pic! I've been reading your releases since September and all I can say is... Thank you for 2009 and hope 2010 brings you all love and joy! ^w^
Any said on Jan 2nd 2010:
Thank you for such a good year of scanlations and happy new year to PP! :)
Jyanx said on Jan 3rd 2010:
Very nice, very nice indeed. Happy New Year and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to quality releases. I appreciate it very much.
mmh said on Jan 4th 2010:
Happy new years! Lovely work!! In all regards!!!!!
alias said on Jan 4th 2010:
Happy New Year pandas!

Cheers to your New Year Resolution (hopefully it fares better than most ^^).

The art looks pretty, Ciel, give us surprises more often! You don't by any chance have a DA account, do you?
Cielo said on Jan 5th 2010:
@goodyfun: Pencil brush in Photoshop. I cheated. =D

@alias: I rarely use my DA and there's only about 4 things on there. It's in the URL anyway if you want. =)
cielo AT psychopandas DOT com
Poshul said on Jan 7th 2010:
Thanks for Yakusoku Siren! <3
kothithelegu said on Jan 7th 2010:
So Nice! Great drawing! :) Happy New Year!
ampersand said on Jan 8th 2010:
Thank you very much and Happy New Year!
amoxi said on Jan 9th 2010:
aww strip poker, you are so lewd hehe
I wish you a happy new year too! And don't be so harsh with yourself, you at least had a few more good months last year XD

AND you're still here, so congrats and thanks for that as well:)
dango_crown said on Jan 9th 2010:


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