September 29, 2009

by Cielo at 03:25 pm
Both of us have been super busy with work and moving and blah blah whine whine. I swear we're not dead. We've just got a ton of work piled up, but we will get to it eventually. Hope is not lost yet!
mmh said on Sep 29th 2009:
Good luck! I'll wait as long as you need cause I always love your guys' work!
Zigren said on Sep 29th 2009:
Ahaha, I can't wait for you guys to get around to the next update! I look forward to whatever it is!
Vale said on Sep 30th 2009:
yeah! panda's news!. Hope you're doing well, though busy. Looking forward to your next update!
goodyfun said on Oct 1st 2009:
It's good to see an update, but don't forget to get some sleep when you're so busy. ;)
mango said on Oct 1st 2009:
no don't die come back I still haven't got any Megane Cafe Glass by Nekota Yonezou action!

haha anyways thanks for the update ^_^
AgentSanSan said on Oct 2nd 2009:
No worries, we all know how school and work likes to eat our souls away. :'D

Love from me to you~ ^ ^
amoxi said on Oct 3rd 2009:
no you're definitely not dead (the rule says like no releases for six months for a group to be considered dead......who made that one anyway?)
We will wait patiently. Enjoy your busy life (well busy with work is better than bored with unemployment):)

P.S. damn the first time today that I failed the robot spam test.....guess I was too rushed *headdesk*
Miki said on Oct 4th 2009:
I look forward to see you again.

Take care of your irl engagement, we will patiently wait for your return.

dango_crown said on Oct 8th 2009:
It's cool, you still got alla our love.
Ozu said on Oct 9th 2009:
Pfft, take as long as you need. I'm sure nobody minds. After all, everybody has real life crap to deal with now and then.
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