May 11, 2009

by Cielo at 11:43 pm
Managed to finish Boku wa Sakana despite summer school.

I miss my fish.

P.S. We're aware DP released this about a week ago, but we decided to do it still anyway since it was already scanned & translated, and wasting work makes Persimmons sad. See FAQ for more info.
vada said on May 12th 2009:
more yumeka sumomo. thanks ^___^

yay, ichiban!
blue-chan said on May 12th 2009:
Thanks for yet another one of Yumeka Sumomo's mangas. I really liked this short one-shot.

I'm grateful to you guys, as always. (^_^)
morninggreen said on May 12th 2009:
Thank you <3
This one-shot is really sad T_T.. but I really like it ^^
chocofan said on May 12th 2009:

thank you very much for the one-shot!!!!!
yuuye said on May 12th 2009:
Thank you!
tohis said on May 12th 2009:
Haha, just a heads up in case you didn't know: Dangerous Pleasure released this a week or so ago. ;) But nevertheless, thank you for your hard work! (Esp. on all the Yumeka Sumomo projects<3)
ampersand said on May 12th 2009:
Yumeka Sumomo is one of my favorite mangaka. Thank you for doing so much of her work.

Also, I think it's really cool that you provide a "Buy It" link on the download page.
mikomilli said on May 12th 2009:
more yumeka sumomo 8D
thank youuuu!
randomperson said on May 12th 2009:
thank you for the releases! I enjoy almost all of them.
arnoria said on May 13th 2009:
thank you so much! ^_^
phooey said on May 13th 2009:
thx so much for this! never imagine i'd ever hate a girl in a manga LOL!!
Jae said on May 13th 2009:
It's summer?
cassiopae said on May 13th 2009:
I liked that oneshot... [downloading it again] >_< [I'm like that with books too: when I see a book I like I can't resist buying it even if I already have a copy at home] Thank you!
aaa_psik said on May 14th 2009:
Thank you so much^*^ it's so sad but beautiful oneshot...i love it :)
Shû said on May 15th 2009:
Hellow !
Hemm To begin, I want to say that I'm french, and that I love very much your team 'cause there're lot of Yumeka's works °W° I'm in love with her xD â¥
But I see that one project has lost. Hem... There was 3 futur works, and now, there are 2. Why ? =O

If you can answer me~

Sankyû â¥
Shu said on May 15th 2009:
Heem sorry for the question before. XD I haven't seen, but the third worls of Yumeka was Boku No Sakana. XD And I had it already [ On the other site ]. XD

I just want to add, that the translations was different. It's normal, between differents team, but difficult to choice the good scan to have the best chills when we read. xD

But I know that it's difficult to translate. Be strong everybody !

We believe in youuuu~ â¥
david_holmes said on May 15th 2009:
I love different versions, thanks!!
Xer said on May 17th 2009:
Hello. thank you for Dark Road. {^_^}â¥
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