April 11, 2009

by Persimmons at 11:25 am
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan by Sahara Mizu - Chapter 3. Joint with Storm in Heaven. Hope you enjoy the bittersweet story. ♥ Eww, I rhymed.
mikomilli said on Apr 11th 2009:
yay 8D thank youuu
smitz said on Apr 11th 2009:
i love love love love this story!! thank you!
Sammy said on Apr 11th 2009:
Thanks so much for the new chapter... :-)
Hirymoku said on Apr 11th 2009:
Thanks for this chapter !!
Nina said on Apr 11th 2009:
Hi Hi!
Thanks so much for sharing another chapter of "Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan"!
Every chapter I read I like this series even more!!
So beautiful and meaningful!
Thanks so much!

By the way, I wonder why "Stage Storm" doesn't have ircchanel, website or forum... =/
ki said on Apr 11th 2009:
thank you *-*
ichan said on Apr 11th 2009:
i really like this manga! it's so touching! it makes me really want to buy the novel (but agh, can't read korean or japanese). thank for scanlating this!
maya said on Apr 11th 2009:
I just found out about your group today, and I'm glad I did. I love the layout, and some of the stories you did. I especially liked this series. Thank you so much, and it's amazing how much quality of work you guys put in with just a team of 2. Keep it up! <3
blizzard said on Apr 11th 2009:
Thanks for yet another release...Sahara Mizu is one my favourite :D Thanks!
Soli said on Apr 11th 2009:
Thank you for the new chapter. :]
yoshioka said on Apr 11th 2009:
Thanks so much for the new chapter.
I'm sorry but I have something to ask.You said this project you guys joint with Storm In Heaven,which mean this is not only yours own.If I have the agreement from SiH,can I post this manga to other web? Like my YAL?

I look forward for your replying.Please forgive my bad English *sign*
Persimmons said on Apr 11th 2009:
Hey Yoshioka, we have a policy---and so does SiH I believe---against redistribution (as you can probably see at top of the page). Please do not post this anywhere else. If you want to share it, please link people to our website so they can download it and read it here. We offer fast direct downloads and online reading, so there is no reason to post it elsewhere.
Miki said on Apr 12th 2009:
Thank you, I really like this story. I'm willing to know the end.

By the way, Happy Easter to both of you. Be careful not to eat too much chocolate. ;D
Yoshioka said on Apr 12th 2009:
Oh I see ^^"
Sorry for the inconvient.
By the way,I wish you two have the Happy Passover and Easter.
blibli said on Apr 12th 2009:
Thanks for this new chapter !! I'm looking forward to what happens next !! ^^
morninggreen said on Apr 12th 2009:
Thank you, I love you <3
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Janx said on Apr 13th 2009:
Thank you very, this series is interesting.
mmh said on Apr 13th 2009:
Sweeet. I'm saving them up to read all at once.
blue-chan said on Apr 15th 2009:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! (T ^ T) Can't wait for the next release. You guys are doing a great job.
ame said on Apr 17th 2009:
This series is really good, I can't wait for the next release ^^ You guys are great, I love you!! <3

Pattizm said on Apr 20th 2009:
I love this page. Thanks!
I love Yumeka Sumomo too! Well, with all her nicknames *O*

Thanks again!
seehmo said on Apr 25th 2009:
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