March 9, 2009

by Persimmons at 07:45 pm
Soshite Watashi wa Kaeru ni Koisuru by Yumeka Sumomo is out. It's only a 4 page oneshot, but it's still cute. Nerdy pick-up lines motivate me to abuse Cielo into editing faster. Baby, you make my floppy disk turn into a hard drive. She is chugging along on Soul Kiss ch. 5, but that chapter has some nasty SFXs.

Cielo wants to know if you guys want an online reader...but you're getting one either way since I say so. If there are any specific features you want it to have just ask. This is mainly being done since people have been uploading our projects on sites like mangafox without permission.
Cielo said on Mar 9th 2009:
If it weren't for the fact that we've been making love for 7 years, I would have ditched the SFX long ago.
cielo AT
sarasusa said on Mar 9th 2009:
Cute indeed! I'd seen some of the images kicking around somewhere--now I know where they're from! Yumeka Sumomo at her sweet funny finest.
mikomilli said on Mar 9th 2009:
ooh i love yumeka sumomo's work, its always so sweet!

Tristen Kiri said on Mar 9th 2009:
Awww. So Cute! Thanks! :D
key3896 said on Mar 9th 2009:
Thank you
Kiwi said on Mar 9th 2009:
Do your best Cielo!!!
joieaumonde said on Mar 9th 2009:
Thank you for scanlating yumeko sumomo-sensei's works. They always bring a tear to my eye.
Gou said on Mar 9th 2009:
So cute
Thank you!
Jamie said on Mar 9th 2009:
Thank you so much :)
Rae said on Mar 9th 2009:
Ah! Love this stuff. Thanks for the update! (And by the way, your layout is adorable. :D )
Muse said on Mar 9th 2009:
Thank you guys! I just love Sumomo Yumeka's works <3

And I can't waitto see the new Soul Kiss!!! *bites nails nervously*
Yenny said on Mar 9th 2009:
That was so adorable! :D Thank youuu! ^^
Marcella said on Mar 9th 2009:
Your releases and your comments have got me stalking your site quite a bit. I apologize for any problems this may cause. *showers you both with confetti and runs away with the broom/vaccum cleaner*
rikobaka said on Mar 9th 2009:
oh, too cute!
Miki said on Mar 9th 2009:
Thank you.
Short but cute indeed. ^^
waijuu said on Mar 9th 2009:
Yay for Sumomo Yumeka.
Arella said on Mar 9th 2009:
Thank You so much!! >w<
Lithe said on Mar 10th 2009:
Have I told you guys how much I loved your works recently?

One of my favorite scanlators of all time. Thank you!
Leeloo said on Mar 10th 2009:
Woohoo Yumeka Sumomo! Thanks for sharing.
Tsubame said on Mar 10th 2009:
I love the Yumeka Sumomo work. Thank you! Really thanks.
Morninggreen said on Mar 10th 2009:
LOOOOOOVE <3 Thanks a lot for the release, I really love sumomo yumeka, and I really love you guys <3 You´re so awesome ^_^
angua said on Mar 10th 2009:
Such a cute little story.
Thank you very much!
frenchyamato said on Mar 10th 2009:
thank you so much for the release !
Junko said on Mar 10th 2009:
Thank you for this cute OS and your hard work ^^

About the online reader, I'm not interested in it since the chapter on my PC.

Have a good day ^^
cassiopae said on Mar 10th 2009:
YUMEKA!!!! Everything she does is so cute~~

thank you!
Miki said on Mar 10th 2009:
About the online reader, I wonder if it's really gonna be of any use. I mean, the download on the site is far simple and fast.

Well, this is just my opinion, maybe there are people who's interested.
Miki said on Mar 10th 2009:
If it's about Mangafox readers, I don't thiink this will considerably change something.

Mangafox gathers all kind of manga, a place you can find anything you want, that's why it has a lot of users. It's going for the easy option.

So even if you do an online reader, as far as they'll find it at Mangafox, I don't think they will go to the trouble of coming to the scanlation group's site just to read.

So, what do you think? As for me, I'm sceptical. =s

But, if they're forced to visit your site, they'll just fall in love with the layout and just like me, come to check every single day... *__*
Well, like we say it in French, "juste pour le plaisir des yeux".
He he he...
Persimmons said on Mar 10th 2009:
So I had my handy-dandy Korean Canadian (and consequently sexily trilingual love-muffin) tell me what that meant and...yes, ISN'T IT PRETTY? *humps the layout* :D

Err, I mean...I don't think it'll stop people from uploading it on sites like mangafox, but I like people to not have excuses to use 'em when we ask them not to &hearts;

And dammit, I failed our own anti-spam test like three times. D: I suck.
Miki said on Mar 10th 2009:
Oh crap, if you have a translator, that's not funny any more. xD

If that's the case... I agree to your point of view. But won't it take you too much time?
Don't want you to be slowed down with your relases =x
So, it's up to you.

But I should congratulate you, to make me post four comments only today, wow that's awesome.
If it's not a proof of love... ^_^'
ki said on Mar 10th 2009:
Thank you so much! <3
Persimmons said on Mar 10th 2009:
*strangles more love out of Miki* Yeah, Cielo = Canadian = taught French since she was a wee little lass, so French doesn't work so well for revenge 8D ...Unless you get her to hold out on me too. ...But she was the one who teased about sex, so T_T; If you really wanna make us go "wuh?" try Vietnamese. That language is insane.

But nah an online reader doesn't take that long to make (for Cielo---it'd take me a lifetime, aha). It's pretty much almost done, and I think she needed a break from Soul Kiss... Ch. 5 is friggen nasty.
Miki said on Mar 10th 2009:
My langage abilities are limited to French, English and a little Japenese, and Vietnamese is not in... I gave up German a long time ago so... It was my last chance xD Perhaps I'll start to learn Russian... Hum...

I'll think of another revenge then. ;D (maybe I can manage to write an english that neither of you will understand... or keeping all my love for me only, is also a good idea... =p )

If it's already done, then I'm looking forward. You're hard workers, I'm proud of you. u_u

(Homerun Ken - Nasty things... seems unreal... o_O)
Ozu said on Mar 10th 2009:
Huh, an online reader. It doesn't really seem like it's necessary, I suppose, since the site offers direct downloads anyways. But I can see where you're coming from.

Still, if people are too lazy to click a link, then unzip the files into a folder, I have to wonder how the hell they managed to read manga anyways. X.x But I guess it's hard to please everybody.

Thanks for another great release, by the way. Especially since this one looks like it would have been /hell/ to edit. XD You guys really work too hard, though we all love you for it.
mmh said on Mar 10th 2009:
I'm happy as long as I can read your projects on your site. Wish people would follow the rules though. And projects aside, I love your comments too. They're great.
Ascahith said on Mar 10th 2009:
SO CUTE!!! Thank you for your hard work!! :3 i can't wait for more updates.
Persimmons said on Mar 10th 2009:
Miki, nooooo. Why would you even discuss withdrawing the love? Love is shareware! ...Wow, I need to stop watching Futurama until my nerdy level goes down a bit. German won't work, since I can abuse my housemate, though Russian should work AND it sounds/looks incredibly sexy. Try that one. :D Ðдин ÑзÑк недоÑÑаÑоÑно!

And mmh, we love your comments too. *humps everyone's comments*
Janx said on Mar 10th 2009:
Thank you for the new release.
Miki said on Mar 10th 2009:
Aw Persimmons, are you begging for my love? Hu hu hu >some perverted and sadistic thought's crossing my mind<
No I swear, I'm a good and innocent little girl. ='D

But I definitely agree with you! Russian DOES sound and look incredibly sexy. But it looks like a bit difficult too.

It's just me or anyone else doesn't see the russian character? ('cause I suppose you wrote something in Russian) I only see weird marks. I know that I can't see japanese character either. =(
Cielo said on Mar 10th 2009:
Dorks. I made the comments so people can't fuck up the site with weird HTML tags or something. Plus the DB doesn't like your non-Unicode.

@Ozu: Check the Links page. There is a nifty program that lets you view images in a .ZIP file without unzipping.
cielo AT
Miki said on Mar 10th 2009:
Ha ! Of course I knew it ! Ha ha ha!

What? It doesn't seem credible at all? You're sure? Because I, well...

Ok ok... I admit that I'm hopeless wtih making webside and stuff. ^^'

Now that Dr House is over and midnight is soon, I'm going to bed. =_=

And one more time, thank you for your hard work!
Jae said on Mar 10th 2009:
Another Yumeka release!~ Thanks :3
daemon said on Mar 11th 2009:
Gorgeous, short and sweet. I am rapidly becoming a compulsive stalker of this site....Thanks so much for this!
mmh said on Mar 12th 2009:
Futurama should never ever be forsaken. Because it also rocks. And deserves humping.
Barbara said on Mar 13th 2009:
That was so incredibly wonderful. It was gorgeous and funny! Thank you so much for scanlating it!
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