August 24, 2008

by Cielo at 08:22 pm
First off, a great big HAPPY BIRFDAY to Persimmons =D You're so old even if you don't wanna admit it.

The other big news: Our first release ever! Soul Kiss chapter 1 is finally out. Go get it from the projects page or the sidebar.

Persimmons said on Aug 24th 2008:
Wooo, we're a real scanlation group! And I'm able to legally drink in my native country!
Kiwi said on Aug 24th 2008:
Hurray for old people! And for your guys' first release~! Happy B-day Persimmons!! I eat you! X3
MoJo said on Aug 24th 2008:
Congrats on your first release! I just read your FAQ, I busted a gut laughing at the "sparkles-and-hearts 'shoujo' shit, or the I'm-moar-stronger 'shounen' shit" Couldn't agree more.
Silent said on Aug 24th 2008:
Tnahk you so much!!!

moo said on Aug 24th 2008:
congrats and thank you for the first release!
shuu said on Aug 24th 2008:
you guys are teh awesome.

happy birthday, congratulations, good work, thank you.

homerun ken
Yuri said on Aug 24th 2008:
yay! thank you so much for the new manga release! and Happy B-day to Persimmons ^0^
R-ingo said on Aug 25th 2008:
Congrats congrats congrats!! It's always great to see more yaoi! XD What a great start for this site! A birthday...and then a release?!?! Awesome awesome. :3 Keep up the good work!
Mahyla said on Aug 25th 2008:
Happy Birthday, Persimmons and a big THANKS for this wonderful release.
schetenei said on Aug 25th 2008:
Congratulations on your first release, and great animal you took for your group's name ^_^ Also, happy birthday Persimmons, and don't forget, alcohol is the devil >D
cassiopae said on Aug 25th 2008:
Woo-hoo, nice to meet you! :D

Congrats on your first release and for Persimmons' birthday (even if Persimmons has much to do with it then her (?) mom, hahaha!)

It should be worth another celebratory dance, no? Please? lol
Renleek said on Aug 25th 2008:
First off, congrats on your first official release!! I'll be looking very forward to your releases!!

Also, Happy Birhtday Persimmons! Being old is an asset (that's what I tell myself at least...-___- damn younguns...)!

And THANK YOU for the first release! And YAY for Homerun-sensei!! I lover her stuff (or is it his?)!!
Kida said on Aug 25th 2008:
just read Soul Kiss and REALLY loved it!! I'm so looking forward to chap 2!!! *__* thanks so much for doing such a wonderful project!! Also I'm looking forward to the Yonezo Nekota thing! Never heard of it before - so excited!!!
Thanks again... and happy birthay Persimmons!! :)
toupie said on Aug 25th 2008:
wow a new scanlation group! Congrats psychopanda! Hope you'll stay well and long (and fast XD) forever! thank you for my fav mangaka's Homerun Ken's work!
louie said on Aug 25th 2008:
Congratulations on your first release. Great job and a very interesting story - can't wait to read more! Thanks for sharing with us.
redr said on Aug 25th 2008:
Thank you for the release and congrats on releasing the first chapter of your first project ^^

Also Happy Birthday Persimmons ^_^
manfa said on Aug 26th 2008:
yaaay :D thank you so much for the release ^^ congratulations on the first release :D!!!
kiseki said on Aug 26th 2008:
hajimemashite! =D
Omedetou gozaimasu!
And : Thank you very much !!
Honey_ said on Aug 26th 2008:
Weee!!! Congratulations! And what a way to start... Homerun Ken is one of my favourites ^^
Pretty colours everywhere here too! Very nice ♥
suez said on Aug 28th 2008:
congrats on your new release... can't wait to find out how the story goes... really love Homerun Ken Sensei... thank you so much for it :)
heart_beat said on Sep 7th 2008:
Yesh! I was so sad when Littlefoot's mom died! It was the heart-wrenching emotion of Bambi's mom dying. *wibble*

Thank you for the new release!
Kren said on Sep 9th 2008:
Thanks so much!
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