January 30, 2009

by Cielo at 07:03 pm
Notice anything different? =D

As always, a reminder that this site is best viewed in Firefox or other modern and up-to-date browser. I'm looking at you, IE users.

For the curious, this page has been tested in the latest Opera and Google Chrome. Safari hasn't been tested but I'm sure it works fine for you Mac users.

P.S. Thank you guys for breaking the 50 comment barrier! ='D We couldn't be happier.

P.P.S. Scroll all the way down to see just how happy we are.
icha said on Jan 30th 2009:
ooohhh! pretty new layout! *_* nice nice!
millie said on Jan 30th 2009:
how cute <3
Morninggreen said on Jan 31st 2009:
Sumomo Yumeka~
chocofan said on Jan 31st 2009:
How cuuute, it's really great!!!
Marcella said on Jan 31st 2009:
XDXDXD I rofl'd at seeing how happy you guys are. Keep up the good work! >_< I like your futures list, teehee~ (well... I like your currents list too... yeah I"m rambling now >_>;;)
Janx said on Jan 31st 2009:
I love the new layout, and I'm glad that you broke the 50 mark, you definately deserve it. The quality of your releases is fantastic. Keep up the good work. I'm happy that you are happy,
Jen said on Jan 31st 2009:
You guys are such a gem! Keep up the good work! Loving your new layout ^_^
mmh said on Jan 31st 2009:
This site is the best! Definitely my favorite!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for Renaii!
Panda Lurker said on Feb 1st 2009:
Eeeee! to you too... Cute layout! And much thanks for the awesome work you guys are doing!!!
pottums said on Feb 1st 2009:
Sumomo Yumeka. <3
You sure have great taste, in the layout and in the mangas you're working on,.
Rhamm said on Feb 1st 2009:
Cute layout!
I was just browsing and I found Homerun Ken. Insta-win!
Miki said on Feb 1st 2009:
Wow! This layout is so... yellow?!
I love the pictures, so cute.

Thanks for the hard work!

Ganbatte kudasai!
Zigren said on Feb 1st 2009:
o ____ o I usually open up several scanlation sites at the same time, I was shocked when I clicked the Panda tab and it was so yellow! xD But it's defenitally cute! (Especially the ladybug)
Megori said on Feb 1st 2009:
I like the new layout. It's cute! And, for not commenting on the previous updates...THANK YOU for the scanlations and hard work all of you put into each release! It's greatly appreciated!
Mundilfari said on Feb 1st 2009:
I'm using Safari and it works just fine. I like the color scheme.
enelte said on Feb 2nd 2009:
your joy is really ..XD love the new layout and the ladybug! Eeee! <3
Katy said on Feb 2nd 2009:
omg omg omg! i love the new design <3
Jae said on Feb 2nd 2009:
Lovely new layout! Sumomo <3
Olive said on Feb 4th 2009:
I absolutely love this new layout. Gorgeous.
Akashi said on Feb 10th 2009:
Cute layout. I wish there were more people like you, IE makes me want to jump out the window sometimes, unfortunately I live only on the first floor. ~is a web developer~
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