January 25, 2009

by Persimmons at 08:44 pm
Itazura Neko ni Goyoujin ch. 4 is out~ Yes, we know that another group already finished it, but we'd already started it by that point and we plan to finish since there are a few differences between theirs and ours. See our FAQ for more reasons on why we're perfectly happy to continue :D

Which reminds me, I know there are like 3000 of you leeches out there not commenting to make us feel loved. D: So! Comment anything you want~ Your thoughts about the series, which series you want us to get our sorry asses to work on, if you think Cielo or I would be on top... You know, the usual. We just like knowing it isn't a bunch of bots.

We love long-winded thank yous and rants. <3
Ayumi said on Jan 25th 2009:
Thanks so much for another great release!!
Amber said on Jan 25th 2009:
Awesome! I am really liking Bellu's work so far! Thanks so much for your hard work!
fujiyuki said on Jan 25th 2009:
thank you ^^
mango said on Jan 25th 2009:
well if it's a comment you want then .. get your asses working on Homerun Ken's Soul Kiss(only two more chapters >_<) and especially Mikage Tsubaki's Renai Chuudoku(a shitload to go :[) they are both really cute and I want to read them nownownow ^_^ Honestly I don't really have anything bad to say about the other projects you have but these three, the third being Bellu
Itazura Neko ni Goyoujin, are the ones I like most :) But yea jk take your sweet time I look foward to your next release :)
airisu said on Jan 25th 2009:
Thanks for the release! ^^
sakura1013 said on Jan 25th 2009:
thank you very much! ^^
elwe said on Jan 25th 2009:
I just checked your projects page and seeing you picked up Sanjuuichi Ya made me love you so much *_* Homerun Ken is one of my latest discoveries, I'm so curious since only one chapter of Sanjuuichi Ya was translated. *waits for Soul Kiss and Sumomo Yumeka works, too* *offers supportive cookies*
david_holmes said on Jan 26th 2009:
Wah! Well thanks so much you guys! And I'm happy to see you guys are cheerfully continuing with this sexy series. Makes you great sportsmen (girls)...??

I always love good "sportsmanship" in scanlating (wth am I talking about????), plus it's always great to read another take on the same series. In fact, this is why I love reading licensed copies of a manga that's been scanlated to see how the two interpret things. It's mostly about interpretation I find (if you got the main idea right that is, obviously).

Wow, you guys should *never* ask any self-respecting fangirl what they want to see scanlated because you'd have no end to the requests.XP Buuuuuut, that being said... I've got a few titles I'd love to see, heeeehe. No, actually, I'm working on a few because they're just SO good and damn it, Yoshiike Masuko is such an AWESOME lover of delinquent young men (or yakuza man!babes, or little baby ninja death gods who watch over your life?? sensei's kinda cracked, heh) smexing it up! I just love sensei and it's somewhat sad to see none of her stuff's not been known to the English public yet.T__T

A-anyway, I, best...leave (what the heck's up with this long-winded "thank you"??)

T..thank you!!!XD
riri said on Jan 26th 2009:
thank you!
yoji said on Jan 26th 2009:
thx ^_^
chocofan said on Jan 26th 2009:

Thank you very much for the release.
I'm not good in saying what I really think and my english is not the best, but THANK YOU SO MUUUUUUCH, your great, I want to hug you all!!!
Mangamadness said on Jan 26th 2009:
Thank for the new release. The artwork is good and the stories are funny, cute and smexy. Thanks for all your hard work.
Happy Chinese New Year!
Morninggreen said on Jan 26th 2009:
Thank you for all your releases ^_^ ( Even though I haven´t read all of them ^^'...yet)

MOOOOORE SUMOMO YUMEKA <3 I know you want it too~ :D

(And screw you for reminding me of the traumatic childhood memories of Littlefoot´s mom dying ;___;)
Kilikena said on Jan 26th 2009:
Thanks for all your wonderful releases, and all the hard work that goes in to making them! Ya'll are awesome!

I forgot thst Itazura Neko had been competed by another group, but I love rereading manga all the time so I'm still looking forward to your releases. I liked the whole "Don't you need to use the crapper" line that last time i read it i think it was "use the toilet or bathroom" something along politer terms. I like yours better, it fits better with Tatsuya's more vulgar/abbrasive personality. plus its just funny.

My favorite is Soul Kiss! (i.e. more please- wink wink nudege nudge) I really like Homerun Ken's artwork, and characterization. I scoped out your future projects and saw another one by him and I'm lookin forward to it as well.

I also enjoy reading the Posts, they make me laugh, my favorite thus far was the last release of Soul kiss - "it just dropped like a kanye west album, bam bitches" haha.

and whats with the popquiz question to leave a review, I mean, I dragged my self away from my hoard of leeched BL in my cave of anonimity to praise the godliness of yourselves. haha, but seriously I ABHOR any sort of writing assignment including simple little reviews, i just get too stressed out even over simple thank you notes and what not. I DON"T DO thank you reviews, (not like you can tell from my lenthy diatribe haha, but i digress) but I feel strongly enough about your projects and all the hard work that gets put into them that I should get overmyself - show my appreciation and thank you properly. <3

grumpiepeechas said on Jan 26th 2009:
i'm not a bot....thanks for the good works. and i loves pandas
I said, Good day.
Zigren said on Jan 26th 2009:
I would like to say, that in my daily checking of scanlation sites Psyco Pandas is way up there. D= Sorry for making you feel unloved, but all of your releases are totally appreciated over here. <33 Have some love =[
Chiyo said on Jan 26th 2009:
thankies for the updates! but i really love renai chuudoku and am looking forward to more updates of that. ^_^
ampersand said on Jan 28th 2009:
I love Itazura Neko ni Goyoujin! Please definitely do more of this mangaka (puppy dog eyes ... err ... panda eyes might work better. And I just read Soul Kiss which is AWESOME!
Fia said on Jan 29th 2009:
I didn't feel said when Littlefoot's mom died cos I never saw Land Before Time!
I prefer your Itazura Neko because of the translation issue.
I'm VERY happy about your decision to scanlate Homerun Ken's Sanjuuichiya because DokiDoki is now gone and they never finished Sanjuuichiya. Soul Kiss + Sanjuuichiya makes me a very happy panda.
thank you.
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