December 14, 2008

by Cielo at 09:24 pm
Torikon chapter 1 has been updated with version 2. Download to see the two missing pages from before (oops).

Thanks to mango for catching that one. =D
mango said on Dec 14th 2008:
marvelous ;] you guys were quick I wasn't expecting anything until after finals, but thanks ^^ v
Persimmons said on Dec 14th 2008:
You clearly underestimated the power of procrastination :o
Cielo said on Dec 15th 2008:
mundilfari said on Dec 17th 2008:
Holy Schnitzel! I left not long after you started releasing. What do I find when I get back to quench the thirst only 12 weeks of no yaoi can leave? The Pandas have been very active! - despite how busy you are. Not to mention your projects are magnificent (I mean, Korean?! Awesome!). Anyway, this is a long way of saying thank you for your hard work. I would cuddle the pandas but I've heard they are not so cuddly, so... bamboo?
Kaoru said on Dec 21st 2008:
I'd like to know where i can find your mailling.
I have some question to tell you.
Loveless3173 said on Dec 21st 2008:
Hello... well i just wanted to say thanks so much for your hard work. i recently discovered your group and i love you guys already! >.< take as long as you need doing... well whatever! XD haha i Love your layout too. i so look forward to everything you release.
Cielo said on Dec 23rd 2008:
Kaoru: Please read the FAQ. You'll find our contact there. Actually if you read this page carefully you should find it easily enough too. =)
Kaoru said on Dec 23rd 2008:
Thank you Cielo (byt I can see your mail in the FAQ XD).
Oh, I love your site *o* I love panda *o*
Devil said on Jan 1st 2009:
I failed to give my thanks. >__<;
Thought I did, guess I didnt. Anyways, many thanks for the updated version.
fujiyuki said on Jan 25th 2009:
thank you very much.
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