December 12, 2008

by Cielo at 10:38 am
Now that most of my finals are done and I'm waiting apprehensively for my last one, and Persi has moved breadth-wise across the country already, we should be getting something put out soon (at least, before Christmas. Maybe.) so bear with us. Thanks for the patience and support. We love you guys.
mm said on Dec 12th 2008:
Good luck! I hate finals, but it feels so good when they're done.
Ayumi said on Dec 12th 2008:
Urgh. Finals or moving, I'm not sure which sounds worse. I hope everything went smoothly for the both of you. :)
kadajuu said on Dec 14th 2008:
Good luck! I hope both of you will be able to relax soon! ^^
mango said on Dec 14th 2008:
"Torikon by Nekota Yonezou"

I was re reading this series and realized there is 2 pages missing? Pages 13 and 24 both part of your chapter 1/part one file. I was wondering if you guys missed these two pages or is it that there are just numbering issues? thanks~ Good luck on finals!
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