Who are you?
Psycho Pandas is a scanlation group that specializes in whatever projects we feel like doing. There are two of us. We are awesome.

When do you update?
Depends on how fast we work. At the moment it's only two of us so give us some slack and realize that we will not make releases as quickly as most other groups.

Why do you update so slow?
See above.

Update <title> faster! >=(
Just because you asked, we'll update slower. =) Also, see above.

YTF don't you guys just call it 'shounen', 'shoujo' and 'yaoi'?
'Cause our translator gets silly weaboo terms confused with the wrong shit, so we're just doing what the book is tagged as in its homeland. Plus we don't like the sparkles-and-hearts 'shoujo' shit, or the I'm-moar-stronger 'shounen' shit.
WE DON'T DO SHOUJO---this is just cuteness all can enjoy!

Why aren't you doing <insert random title here >?
We do what we like. If it's not on our list, it's because: If you think we might like it and can scan it, send us a sample and we'll see.

Can you do <insert random title here >?
See above.

X Group is doing the same project as you! The lousy thieves! ...Or you're the thieves, you bastards!
We're oddly okay with that. If we already started something and so did another group, usually a joint didn't work out, so we probably agreed to just release individually. We really don't see this as that big of a deal considering there tends to be some variations in how things are edited or translated, so you can pick and choose whichever suits your reading tastes more. If we started doing something another group was already working on, we most likely didn't know they were working on it, had already started it and wanted to release anyway, or Cielo was impatient and made Persy do it against her will. Either way, it certainly doesn't hurt the fandom community at all, and it--I should hope--doesn't hurt other scanlation groups either. After all, the focus should be on the mangaka's works, not on the individuals who manipulate and butcher them into another language. 'Less drama, more gay porn', say the pandas!

Why so many projects for so few people?
'Cause we like these projects, feel we can do them efficiently minus freakish computer issues, and will be sad if we don't get to do them and are seen as evil bitches for "stealing" them later if another group starts them when we wanted to do it/already started doing it. We'll probably have around 4-5 active projects at any one time since we get tired of zooming in on the same project all the time. Each project will usually have a chapter released within a month, aside from Yumeka Sumomo works which tend to get priority since we fanboy over them.

What's your download policy?
You're free to download from the links on the respective project pages, but if we notice any abuse of this in any form (direct links, request-spam, etc.) then we will have to take drastic measures and limit the downloads. They're a privilege, not a right.

Can I redistribute your stuff?
No. Never. If you want to share our projects, link back to our site. Why? If our distribution policy continues to be ignored, Persimmons is going to convince Cielo to start blocking IP ranges of chronic offenders, which unfortunately can also mean entire countries. So cut it out.

Especially DO NOT upload to AnimeA.

Can I use some of your scans?
Only if you ask really nicely and provide a nice sacrificial offering in the form of big-busted virgins, then you can use it for personal use only (such as icons, blog layouts, whatever.)

Can my scanlation group use your translations to make releases in another language?
Send an email to persimmons AT psychopandas DOT com and ask us nicely. If you have your own scans and absolutely no access to a Japanese translator, then most likely we will be okay with it, but again, just ask. Of course, if we do say yes, credits and linkage will be due.

Keep in mind, we will not let you use our scans for any reason. Amazon.co.jp ships internationally and you can view the site in English if necessary, and we even provide the "Buy It" link for each project, so there is no reason for you to not buy the book. We want you to support the artists, so please don't bother asking to use our scans. The only time we will be flexible about this is for works that are out of print.

Can I help host your stuff?
We're not strapped for bandwidth or disk space so it's not necessary but if you still want to help out, drop us a line and we'll let you know if we ever need it.

Can I join you?
There will be a 'Recruit' page for open positions if it ever comes to that. We enjoy having a small group, though.

Where is your layout picture from?
It's from Sahara Mizu's My Girl volume 2.

I have a question that's not answered here. How do I contact you?
If it's site-related (broken links, typos, pages not working, etc.) email cielo AT psychopandas DOT com. For all other questions you should probably email persimmons AT psychopandas DOT com since she's generally politer, however she does check her email much less frequently.